Mums & Mentors

Our M&Ms Program is available to all of our Esther's House clients

Matches meet for 1 to 2 hours every week. The Mentor and Mother decide together when, where, and what they’d like to do, both during and after the pregnancy. It could be coffee and a chat, going to a movie, a visit to the playground, learning new ideas for parenting, shopping, getting jobs done together or perhaps just running errands. Esther’s House mentors are great listener. They will offer options, not prescribe solutions. Through strength based knowledge an E.H mentor will look to bring out and  develop the qualities and skills that our mums already possess.

Ultimately, our M&M's program is about building relationships and community connections.

 For more information about our program, or to enquire about becoming a mentor  please fill in the form below.


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