Anyone may self-refer for support from our team, and this is done in a number of ways (Facebook, phone or email are common methods). 

Esther's House welcomes referrals from external organisations and services.  We also provide our clients with referrals to services within their community, able to meet their needs if we are unable to fulfil an identified requirement.

If you wish to refer your client to us, please use these forms

Alternatively, you may provide your client/patient with our contact details and allow them to arrange their own appointment time (if selecting this option, an accompanying letter - though not essential - will be helpful in our understanding of the client's situation and previously identified needs, and with the client's permission will enable us to provide you with a written outcome).

For further information on the ways we assist clients during the various stages of pregnancy, please refer to our "Who & How we Help" page.  If you have a client with a specific need that you don't see mentioned here, please feel free to contact us directly to find out if we can help.