"everybody needs a little help sometimes"

WHO We Help?


Anyone who lives in Tasmania and is pregnant (at any stage) or suspects they may be pregnant.

Some of the reasons pregnant women have contacted us:

Not sure what to expect during pregnancy

Unsure of what to do with a newborn

In need of baby items and goods

Experiencing an unplanned  pregnancy and unsure what to do

Experiencing a personal Illness or disability during pregnancy

Received a  prenatal diagnosis that presents possible problems for their baby and are looking for answers, advocacy and/or support

Relationship problems/break up/family violence  

Pregnant and at risk of homelessness and/or homeless

Pregnant and looking for other mums to connect with

Pregnant and involved with Child Safety

Feeling depressed and alone and/or suffering from a mental health illness

HOW We Help?

Our Services are either delivered in your own home or you can visit one of our centres


practical support:

MENTORING - one on one with a mum who has had similar experience

ADVOCACY - we help our clients to get what they need, including accompanying them to appointments or just to talk with someone they  are struggling to communicate with.   

INFORMATION  - Early pregnancy options, Community Support Services, Disability Services, Housing services, Child care, Respite and In-Home Care Services

EDUCATION - Pregnancy education and information, Parenting training and information



Free self pregnancy tests

Free baby clothing and equipment

Meal support after baby is born

Light house duties



One to one counselling

Help with identifying extra sources of support

Someone to help you talk with your family, friends, partner or doctor

A personal mentor to walk with you through your babies first year

Parenting meet ups and workshops 


Contact us on facebook @esthershousetas at anytime or day

Call or Text between 9 AM & 5 PM , 5 days a week on our STATEWIDE confidential phone service 0479 055 777