Everybody needs a little help sometimes

WHO We Help?

Any woman who lives in Tasmania and is pregnant (at any stage or age) or suspects they may be pregnant.

Some of the reasons women have contacted us:

Unsure if they are pregnant

Not sure if they want to go ahead with a pregnancy

Not sure what to expect during pregnancy

Facing an unplanned abortion and feeling confused

Experiencing feelings of grief and loss after an abortion

Experiencing a personal illness or disability during pregnancy

Were given a worrying prenatal diagnosis for their baby and want to know what their choices are

Relationship problems/break up/family violence  

Pregnant and at risk of homelessness and/or homeless

Feeling depressed and alone and/or suffering from a mental health illness

HOW We Help?

Our Services offer all-options pregnancy counselling.

This includes decision making counselling and post abortion grief & loss counselling.


practical support:

COUNSELLING - we believe that you are the expert of your own story - our counsellors support you to find the best answer for your unique situation and circumstances.

MENTORING - a friend to do the journey with you

ADVOCACY - we help the women who come to us to get what they need. This might include accompanying them to appointments or just to support them to talk with someone they are struggling to communicate with.   

INFORMATION  - early pregnancy options, Community and Social Support Services, Disability Services, Housing services and In-Home Care Services

EDUCATION - information around pregnancy, unplanned abortion, adoption, kinship care, parenting



One to one counselling

Support groups for post abortive women

Help with identifying extra sources of support

Someone to help you talk with your family, friends, partner or doctor

A personal mentor to walk with you

Parenting meet ups and workshops 


Call, Text or Chat between 9 AM & 5 PM , Monday to Friday

Phone 0479 055 777